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International Student Center

    The International Student Center(ISC) provides international students with professionalized service for life and study matters at USTB including visas, insurance, scholarships, study support, counseling services, alumni, accommodation, regulations and policies. ISC aims to make overall plans for international students education in USTB, promote the education of international students, and managing routine affair for international students.  Comprehensive information about the International Student Center can be found at

Housing & Dining

    University Science and Technology Beijing offers ready-made accommodation and leisure facilitates, helping you to find your feet and settle quickly into studies and your social life.

You will be located in a double room. Rooms  are equipped with internet, telephone, television, air-condition, independent bathroom, 24 hours hot water.


    There are two canteens in USTB: Wanxiu canteen and Hongbo canteen, they provide food daily. Muslim meals are on the 3rd floor of Hongbo canteen. Students need to use the campus card. Campus card is issued by the International Students Center when student registered. Each student is given one card. 


   There are also some cafes and places to eat on campus.

Culture Activities and Sports Facilities

International Culture Festival


   The first International Culture Festival was held in 2008. Students presented their unique culture with pictures, food, costumes, ornaments, etc. With students singing and dancing in front of each booth, the plaza turned into a sea of laughter. Since 2008, we have successfully held 11 International Culture Festivals. It had been the most important cultural event for enhancing interchange between Chinese and international students and revealing the elegant demeanor of international students and global culture.


The International Student Center (ISC) organizes culture experiencing activities to enhance the internal student’s understanding of China and Chinese culture. Students will have the chance to take the Chinese culture course like Han Costume, Chinese calligraphy, tea, taichi and Chinese Knots, etc. Free Chinese Culture Tours will be arranged to visit The Great Wall, Forbidden City, The Summer Place, etc.

  Exploring China is designed by the International Student Center for international students to better understand the Chinese Economy and different cultures. In addition, students will go to different places in China to experience a different culture, like being the breeder of pandas in Sichuan province.

 The gymnasium is located on the east of the campus, which was the 2008 Beijing Olympic judo and Taekwondo competition venues, later reconstructed for students. The gymnasium has table tennis, badminton games, indoor basketball court, swimming pool, gym, etc. Students need to pay in order to use the gym facilities.Basketball court, football field, volleyball court, rock climbing field and the sports field are located in the center of the campus. These are available to all students for free.

Medical & Insurance

    The School Hospital is located by the 2nd south door, it provides outpatient services. Students need to carry their student card and passport to receive treatment. Emergency telephone is 62332909.


    Students can also go to Peking University Third Hospital and they need to go with their passports in order to receive treatment.


   On the day of registration, international students are required to pay insurance the premiums and purchase medical insurance in accordance with the provisions of the Chinese Ministry of Education. Insurance fees are CNY 600 Yuan/year, CNY 300 Yuan/half year.


   The insurances are provided for Chinese Government scholarship and Chancellor's scholarship students, other students need to purchase insurance at their own expense.


   The insurance company is responsible for a death, accidental disability, accidental injury medical treatment, outpatient and emergency medical treatment and hospitalization.