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USTB Officially Commences 2020 Online Postgraduate Entrance Examination Interviews

In accordance with epidemic prevention and control measures and the requirements set out by the Ministry of Education, China, on May 15th USTB officially commenced the 2020 online postgraduate entrance examination interview period, with May 18th being the first day of examinations. Mr WU Guilong, Chancellor of USTB, Prof. YANG Renshu, President of USTB, and Prof. XUE Qingguo, Vice Chancellor and Vice President of USTB, visited the School of Metallurgical and Ecological Engineering, School of Computer and Communication Engineering, School of Humanities and Social Science and the Donlinks School of Economics and Management to inspect the examination process and the careful preparations made by the graduate schools and relevant departments. They also watched the real-time examinations being held between student applicants and examiners.



Mr. WU Guilong said that, due to COVID-19 pandemic, there are many new and unforeseen challenges in holding the postgraduate entrance examination interviews. He continued saying that all teachers and staff involved in the process must follow the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Beijing Education Examinations Authority, while strictly following the examination plan formulated by USTB. Furthermore, they should keep in mind their responsibilities to the student candidates, the university, and society in general by adhering to examination procedures, encouraging critical thinking skills, and ensuring epidemic prevention and control measures so as to ensure a safe and successful round of postgraduate entrance examinations.



Prof. YANG Renshu emphasized that examiners should pay close attention to details, strengthen their work discipline and guarantee candidates’ confidentiality. Additionally, they should ensure that the examination process be open and transparent, and that their work is completed in a smooth and orderly fashion.


In order to further strengthen the standardization and fairness of the postgraduate enrollment examinations, USTB has taken measures including confirming applicants’ personal information using relevant databases and the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center in order to confirm their identities and credentials. Additionally, the examination process was recorded and the university used facial recognition and personal identification measures to verify the identity of candidates. During the examination process, in order to ensure fairness for all candidates, USTB randomly ordered the candidates, the composition of the examiner teams, and examination questions. Examiners also asked random personal identification questions of the students to prevent applicant fraud.


This year, more than 3,600 candidates are expected to participate in the online postgraduate entrance examination interviews. Since May 15th, more than 2,900 candidates who have applied for USTB have successively completed the examination process, and 6 graduate schools have finished examining their pool of applicants. The examination period is scheduled to be completed on May 27th.