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Working to Overcome the Effects Caused by COVID-19, USTB Continues to Train Young Professional and Technical Talents for JISCO


Having carefully studied the speeches and instructions of President XI Jinping, including his recent letter of reply to Pakistani students at USTB, concerning issues including epidemic prevention & control measures as well as methods for promoting national social & economic development, the Party Committee of Guanzhuang Campus has taken measures to actively encourage continuing education and skills training. On the afternoon on May 27th, the third phase of the USTB-Jiu Steel Group Hongxing Young Professionals Training Course jointly organized by the Guanzhuang Campus and Jiu Steel Group Hongxing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. officially commenced. The opening ceremony was held online. In attendance at the ceremony were Mr. ZHANG Zhengzhan, Chancellor and CEO of Jiu Steel Group Hongxing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Ms. YANG Xiaomei, Associate Director of the General Management Section, Prof. HE Qingmin, Vice President of USTB, Assoc. Prof. NING Xiaojun, Dean of the Guanzhuang Campus, and both Assoc. Prof. ZHANG Junling & Ms. AN Lu, Associate Deans of the Guanzhuang Campus.



Since 2018, USTB has cooperated with JISCO to develop a series of on-site training programs for intermediate and senior technicians which have been well received by the enterprise and have achieved good results. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Guanzhuang Campus had worked with JISCO to hold online training programs. This technical training program is the first to be wholly conducted using the internet by USTB. The training is divided into four disciplines: metallurgical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials engineering and automation and electrical engineering. More than 30 experienced professors participated to deliver training lectures. The course commenced in May and is scheduled to conclude in October with a total of 536 training hours. 244 youth technicians are to participate in the training.



At the opening ceremony, Prof. HE Qingmin expressed his gratitude to JISCO for its long-term support of USTB. He pointed out that both sides have maintained a close relationship for a long time and have cooperated well in training personnel and promoting technological innovation. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the risk of hosting large groups, efforts have been made to move personnel training programs online. He continued saying that the Guanzhuang Campus and related Schools will continue to work together, strengthen communication with enterprises, assign excellent teachers to instruct personnel and carefully implement the teaching on every step, in order to strive for the best training results.



Mr. ZHANG Zhengzhan expressed his sincere appreciation to USTB for its strong support of JISCO in the fields of talent cultivation, technical communication and innovative research and development. He said that the Jiu Steel Group Hongxing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is a listed company of JISCO, and also is a leading enterprise in the steel sector of JISCO. It has cooperated with USTB on personnel training for three years. As the two sides have maintained close communication and worked well together, they have achieved good results in training personnel. He continued by emphasizing the importance of strengthening the cultivation of young talents and helping them to become key persons in their respective fields. The joint-training program has impacted a large number of people across many sectors in the last few years, and he called upon both sides to continue working together to complete the training of upcoming talents and achieve even better results. He hoped that students would recognize the importance of study, be able to apply what they learned, improve their professional skills and work hard to promote the high-quality development of JISCO.