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Awards for Excellence

 As a university that promotes innovation and hard work, USTB has been the recipient of many awards over the years. In 2018, USTB won national science and technology awards for 7 projects. Among them, USTB was solely responsible for 3 projects and collaborated with other universities and institutions for 4 projects. The total number of awards for the year ranked USTB 8th among Chinese universities.


Title: Fundamental researches on interface modulation and its applications of one-dimensional zinc oxide

Leader: Zhang Yue

Award: The Second Class of National Natural Science Award

Description: The project develops a series of nanomaterials synthesis technologies, including direct thermal oxidation of metals and laser limited patterning fabrications, proposes interface energy induced growth of one-dimensional zinc oxide structures, establishes a new method of an interface multi-field coupling effect to control the behavior of carriers and excitons, develops a variety of novel field emission cold cathodes and functional micro-nano devices, and applies to advanced national defense equipment.


Title: Innovation and Industrialization of Key Technologies for Recycling Strategic Metals from Complex Second Resources

Leader: Zhang Shengen

Award: National Invention Prize (Second Rank)

The project has invented Non-cyanogens Wet Process for Green Recycling precious metals, direct electrolysis of high-value alloys, preventing pollution from heavy metals etc. Strategic metals can be greenly recycled from urban mineral. The project has been granted 2 US patents, 25 China Invention patents and 28 China Utility Model patents. 2 PCT have been applied and 36 papers have been published also. Strategic Metal Recycling Technologies have been promoted to the Leading International Level. The largest recycled precious metal production line in China has been built. In the past three years, the line created 4.278 billion RMB of new sales and 732 million RMB of new profits, reduced mining and carbon by 52.35 million tons and 213.9 million tons separately, saved energy and water by 0.606 million tons and 116 million tons separately.


Title: Research on the Structure and Strength of Bulk Amorphous Alloys

Leader: Lv Zhaoping

Award: State Natural Science Award Second Prize

The project centers on the key scientific issues in the research of a new generation of structural materials and bulk amorphous alloys. It reveals the atomic structural characteristics of amorphous alloys and the universal law of atomic stacking, puts forward new ideas and mechanisms of structure control for strengthening and toughening of amorphous alloys, establishes a new theory of strengthening and toughening through ordered structure in disordered solids, and realizes the controllable preparation of structure and properties. Besides, it fosters a new research direction of amorphous structure and strengthening and toughening, which not only makes an important contribution to clarifying the stacking structure of amorphous alloys at atomic level, but also provides a theoretical basis and new ideas for the development of high performance amorphous alloys.